What is a Practical Girl Doing to find a mate?

So all this online dating has been getting me down. After online dating and not ever making it past five months with someone, I decided that instead of setting up a new profile online on a top rated dating sight and get out from under my phone and laptop and meet people, talk to them, look them in the eye and rule them in or out in real time.

I’m disappointed that as I lay in bed last night thinking about this, how excited I was. It seemed that I actually loved hiding behind my email and text messages, having pseudo contact with strangers who were as frightened as I was of a real connection.

That being said, I am fearless and ready to set off on this adventure. No more hiding in my house behind my computer. I am kick starting this new adventure with a gym membership starting tomorrow. Hello L.A. Fitness!

You better believe it!



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