Single and Loving It



It turns out that once I started this and have now spent all of three days considering this, that being single is pretty great.

I went and had coffee with myself at Starbucks this morning to check out the local talent and was so connected with the New Yorker that nothing else mattered. Yesterday is was my Allens Snakes Alive  that was the perfect compliment to my coffee.

I must admit something did capture my attention, a woman who was speaking both French and Italian with her six year old son. The research does not support a mother speaking multiple languages with a child. To learn multiple languages a child needs a strong foundation or “mother tongue”. Please prove me wrong.

Back to being single and loving it. My cousin got married in his 40s. We were out for dinner one night years ago and he explained that he had not met anyone who made his life better. Do we want better or more complicated? Are these two words interchangeable?  Obviously having to consider more than one person makes things more complicated. Two people, hell. And all of you pet owners: a pet doesn’t count. I have four cats and the one who loves me the most has been sick. I’ve been crying everyday for a week about the possibility of him being terminally ill. Now he is feeling better, I am sure that my pain cured him. He knows he is loved and is stepping up. ( Only a single girl would say that or a girl who believes in Santa Claus!)


Okay. The most enjoyable thing that happened was when I was sitting in my kitchen this morning working. This was my view: tomatoes from the garden, christmas cactus that I had to bring inside so the cold wouldn’t kill it, the fruit bowl. What more could a girl ask for?

Regular sex. That’s what the single girl’s life is missing. Could that be a benefit of marriage?




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