Steps to a Stress Free Life

So I have tried many different angles searching for myself as the practical girl. In fact I kind of hate being so practical. It’s not like I don’t want to be a princess or anything, but life is about looking at things and getting them and as quickly as possible. Thought processes in place, analysis of each task/ situation/ disaster, to come up with the simplest solution.

What I’ve realized is that my idea of the best solution is often not shared by the majority of the population. I said simplist solution, not the easiest solution which most people seem to jump onboard with.

I suppose it must go back to being raised on DeBono on his concept of lateral thinking. If you have ever heard the expression “thinking outside the box” then you know something about DeBono. The fun fact about him is that in Australia his ideas have been developed for education, while in the USA I had to search in the business section to find one of this books.

I wonder if all that thinking I do is why I want to do things myself? I tell you, I’m not enjoying it as much as I would but I am learning to use a drill. Buying drill bits today was fun. Do I really want to use them? My response is “not at the present time.”

So let’s discuss stress free life. I am afraid to say that it does not exist. We can bury it down deep inside us make ourselves sick. We can be hysterical and get it all out but feel better afterwards and pass on all the angst to the poor souls we encounter. Or we can accept that it will pass like the ebb and flow of a set coming in during the full moon on a high tide. The shore might be washed away but slowly the grains of sand are replaced. Different shells ground up to make this new sand. Still silicon being changed by H2O.

I mean really, did it take Eastern philosophy and religion to open us up to the scientific concept that everything is being recycled. Claiming we are stardust is too simplistic, bit of an insult really. We are energy calibrated at the same and different frequencies. The nanonano world. Robin Williams was onto something  with Mork and Mindy.

I’m serious. As someone who went to a school which would be considered Ivy League in the USA, top 100 worldwide schools, I didn’t really ever connect that we are made up as the same stuff the rest of the universe is made of:  whatever the composition might be and however it is being put together.

If we look at how this manifests in our daily lives, in our communities, in our societies, we can break it down.

A current example would be gender pronouns. She, he and they in first person. To tell you the truth, I didn’t think my grammar was that good to understand this. But we really don’t. If you have not felt what someone who is developing their sexuality feels, it is easy to be dismissive. Especially if you live in a culture such as the United States that at its backbone is puritanical. It’s views on sexuality date back further to its views on race. No wonder the LGBTQ community stands so proud in so many ways but are still fighting to walk down the street without fear of being attacked. And when we talk about attack, just like the unspeakable violence that Church loving fold have experienced this past weekend, the LGBTQ community knows and understands how it feels. They also know how it can feel to live in anticipation of violence. Just because of your sexual choices, you may increase your chance, not decrease your chance of sexual violence.

The fear of violence. The IRA was very successful in their bombing campaign. Today the British already have the infrastructure to trace a terrorist’s steps back to his front door, thank you closed circuit television.  In fact, all you hackers out there, you could get in on this and have all networks under your influence to reprogram this zombies with new instructions. The A.I. at work.

I prefer to talk about virtual reality rather than artificial intelligence. A.I., I think it’s a misnomer. Back to Eastern philosophies and religions, where I learnt that we live in our private soap opera, constructed from wrong perceptions. Heaven or hell, as we like it. It is our virtual reality and now society is slowly programming us to be connected at all times. Hello Gamers. Are you having trouble living in our real world? It doesn’t feel so real anymore does it? Our real world is kind of scary. if you think too much, see too much, feel too much…

Watch out! As they say in China: “May you have an interesting life!”

As they say in the USA, “That’s why they call it the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it. ” – George Carlin







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